Strategy Problem Analyst

Ad: Ozan

Soyad: Uysal



Şehir: İstanbul(Avr.)

Firma Adı: FITMINDS Strategy Consulting

Pozisyon Adı: Strategy Problem Analyst

Pozisyon Tipi: Yarı Zamanlı

Alınacak Kişi Sayısı: 1

İş Alanları: Mühendislik
Pazar Araştırma
Risk Yönetimi

Adayın Çalışacağı Şehir: İstanbul(Avr.)

İş Tanımı ve Genel Nitelikler: FITMINDS is a fast-growing strategy consulting firm serving world-leading multinational pharmaceutical companies. We develop effective and easy-to-apply world-class healthcare strategies through eye-opening analysis of data, human and processes.

We are looking for a part-time candidate for our Advanced Strategy section to contribute the company in clarifying, analyzing and solving client’s strategy problems.

Requirements for the ideal candidate are stated below:

• Dedicated to make a career in consulting
• Eager and self-driven to learn and develop continuously
• Absolute result orientation
• Comfortable with handling unknown and uncertainty under time-pressure
• Detail oriented
• Positive and caring

Main Tasks:
This role is at critical importance for company’s reputation and growth.
1. Clarifying the main problem
2. Decomposing the main problem into smaller ones
3. Identifying root-causes of problems
4. Developing potential ideas and methods to solve the problems
5. Preparing status-update reports and final report

Skills & Background:
• Exceptional analytical thinking capability
• XLS & Python
• Questioning, Listening, Notetaking
• Excellent communication skills in both written and oral English

• Engineering

Istanbul. Hybrid (mainly remote).

If you are interested in the role and believe that you meet the requirements, send your resume to